Fine Arts college’s predecessor is called Shanghai Fine Arts specialized school which was established in 1912 by Liu Haisu who was the pioneer of the Chinese new fine arts movement and the founder of Chinese modern art education. In the course of almost a century, Fine Arts college take “Grandeur and Simplicity, Profundity and Beauty”as the educational thought and pay great attention to teaching research and development of department. It has developed into a comprehensive fine arts college involved complete specialties such as the traditional Chinese painting, the oil painting ,the Printmaking, the Fresco, the Illustration, the lacquer painting, the Calligraphy, the Sculpture and the  Art history. In 1981 and 1986, it was given the title of the unit for first batch master and the doctorate by the National Ministry of Education so that it had been the one and only unit in comprehensive and advanced art college in China. Fine Art College has formed it characteristic and the superiority in teacher’s structure, scientific research creation, teaching management, academic research and discipline construction that has produced a great effect on the national same type colleges and universities, the discipline or the professional field.As the Key Subject at the Provincial Level, the subject of art history is well-bedded and its teacher resource is abundant and its scientific achievements are fruitful. According to incompletely statistics, from the 6th and 11th National Art Exhibition, our college’s teachers and students gained 3 Gold Awards, 10 Silver Awards, 16 Bronze Award and 20 Outstanding Award. In 2003 and 2006, Painting and  Art history were titled the Leading Subjects at the Provincial Level. In 2004,"Painting curriculums”were granted as excellent curriculums in regular institutions of higher learning in Jiangsu. The “Printmaking studio construction project” won the second price of teaching achievements .In 2006,“The Chinese Painting curriculum ”was awarded the first class curriculum in Jiangsu. “Printmaking” was awarded the second class curriculum.

“Art history” was the cultivation base of National Leading Academic of Jiangsu. In 2007, “The Chinese Painting Technique” was awarded “National competitive curriculum”. “The Chinese Theory of Art” was awarded “excellent postgraduate course” in 2007. “Art history” was granted “the cultivation base of National Leading Academic” “Painting teaching creative personnel training” was granted “teaching achievements award” at the Provincial Level. In 2008, “Oil Painting Technique” was awarded “National competitive curriculum”. “Calligraphy Technique” was awarded “Jiangsu competitive curriculum” in advanced colleges. In 2009, our college was given the title of “Creative and experimental area of National personnel training mode of Fine Art”. “Painting art experimental teaching centre” was awarded experimental teaching demonstration centre in regular institutions of higher learning. In 2010, “Chinese Art history curriculum” was  awarded “National competitive curriculum”.